Palazzo pants are wide-leg pants of free cut with pants flared almost from the hips. This model resembles a long sun skirt, looks feminine, is comfortable to wear, and does not restrain movement. The model was first presented in the middle of the last century by the famous designer Emilio Pucci. And since the show was held in an Italian palazzo, pants received such an iconic name. In those days, only daring fashionistas dared to wear it, but gradually the pants became part of the capsule wardrobe of many women.

    How To Choose Perfect Palazzo Pants? 

    Who will suit unusual palazzo pants? First of all, slim and tall representatives of the fair sex. Short girls and women with this style should be careful, as it can visually reduce the growth and shorten the silhouette. Otherwise, the palazzo model can be safely called universal, Palazzo pants will add the missing volume of the lower part of the body with unexpressed buttocks and excessively thin legs. When buying palazzo pants pay attention to several aspects. 

    1. Material. 

    The material plays an important role, as it affects the comfort and characteristics of the image. Dense materials will hide the defects of the figure, but will not be suitable for hot summer. Complex and embossed fabrics visually increase the volume, so do not suit the owners of lush shapes. Elastic materials are insidious, as they can stretch and expose disadvantages in a disadvantageous light. Flowing, weightless, and lightweight material for palazzo pants ideal for summer, elegantly veils small defects and gives the image of femininity and lightness.

    1. Color.

    Black palazzo pants are classy and elegant. Fresh white is what you need for summer walks. Restrained pastel colors are popular, giving the image of romanticism and not overloading it. And sometimes you can afford brightness and a riot of colors: yellow, mint, red, mustard. Noble and deep colors such as wine, terracotta, cherry, brown, and dark blue are also in trend. Gray is considered universal: with it, you can create both restrained sets, and interesting ones, complementing this range of contrasting bright colors.

    1. Prints.

    Printed palazzo pants are not for everyone, as they can increase the volume and weigh down the lower part of the silhouette. But if your figure is all right, pay attention to romantic peas, all kinds of stripes and lines, geometric shapes, floral motifs, and ethnic.

    1. Length.

    The pants should completely cover the shoes. The heel should open a maximum of half. Open feet will create the impression of shortened legs and a cropped silhouette.

    1. Fit. High-waisted pants will emphasize the waist and hide the excess volume of this area. Slits on the sides of the pants fold from the hips, gatherings at the waist. Remember that the more complex the details, the more voluminous the silhouette looks.

    Styling Palazzo Pants Effortlessly

    To style palazzo pants, first of all, choose a suitable top. And there are quite a few options to choose from:

    1. Tops. Slender lucky ladies can afford tight-knit models, with spacious bottoms that will not look vulgar. 
    2. Blouse of light-flowing fabric. A short one can fall on the pants, and the long one is better to tuck behind the belt, thus emphasizing the waistline and making the silhouette proportional and feminine.
    3. Elegantly look fitted shirt or loose, tucked into the pants. Combine an elegant top with black palazzo pants and go to the landbased casino instead of gambling at home.
    4. Pullover. Combine palazzos with pullovers or sweaters if it’s cold. 
    5. Turtleneck sweater. Do you want to look edgy yet stylish? Then pair palazzo pants with a turtleneck.
    6. To get a casual look, complement the pants with a hoodie or sweatshirt. 
    7. As for outerwear, pair palazzo pants with coats, short leather jackets, and cardigans.

    Coming to shoes, you can choose nearly any shoes you want, depending on the features of the pants and your image. Feminine palazzo pants will create a beautiful look together with high-heeled shoes, loafers, sandals, or boots. Otherwise, you take a risk and opt for a visual contrast by wearing palazzo pants with sneakers or slip-ons. Accentuate fashionable palazzos with accessories: a thin strap around the waist, an elegant hat, a neckerchief, stoles, and a feminine handbag. Especially if you wear black, white, or beige palazzo pants, accessories can elevate your look and bring it to a new level. Printed palazzo pants require more “neutral” accessories. Buy palazzo pants and be ready for colorful and stylish experiments!