Know About Mixkit

    Mixkit designed by Envato is an online platform that offers access to a wide library of free assets to use in multimedia projects. These multimedia materials consist of free stock video clips, sound effects, music tracks, and other video templates.

    You can save it on your device as many assets as you want with no registration required. The procedure is simple and easier to use. You can use mix kit assets through your YouTube videos, presentations, social media posts, titles, logos, promotions, and much more in the box. Its license does not require attribution but adding one is a good way to represent gratitude to creators. Moreover, before using any of the assets, it is highly recommended that users should familiarize themselves with its terms and conditions.

    Launch (2019)

    The MixKit website was initially developed from an in-house Envato project to provide exclusive, high-quality video assets for Envato’s product, Placeit.

    However, the potential to expand its offering to a wider audience was soon recognized. As a result, on February 5, 2019, it was made freely available to the global public.

    Growth & Expansion

    MixKit com has experienced rapid growth since its inception and is now a popular choice for content creators. The platform’s library of premium assets has attracted a community of users who seek professional multimedia resources without any licensing fees, attribution requirements, or account creation.

    Partnership Of MixKit

    The platform has established partnerships with content creators and brands to expand its offerings and reach a wider audience. With these collaborations, Mixkit com has designed collections, crafted information through tutorials, and gained higher exposure among its creative community.  

    Mixkit’s Free Stock Video

    Mixkit offers a broad range of free video clips to use in your own video project. You can use the clips with no attribution. Video clips can be arranged into the following categories such as 

    1. Business
    2. Nature
    3. Food
    4. Transport
    5. Backgrounds
    6. Green Screen
    7. Drones
    8. Light
    9. Christmas Music
    10. Countdown, and many more.

    You can also use its video search engine to find any particular video clips. You can simply enter your search query and browse through the results. Once you find the clip that you are interested in, tap on the view button and save it to your local drive. These videos are generally available for free and are ready to use as b-roll footage to enhance video production skills or to lift the success of the next social media post.

    Features of Mixkit

    Free Royalty Stock Music

    Mixkit com has compiled a wide range of free music tracks which are organized into three major categories such as:

    • Genre: It includes genres like Jazz, Hip-hop, Country, Cinematic, R&B, Rock, Pop, Percussion, Ambient, Trap, Classical, Children, Corporate, Electronica & House, Experimental.
    • Mood: This consists of romantic, mysterious, upbeat, smooth, mellow, sad, uplifting, aggressive, eerie, and dramatic.
    • Style: Seasons, Rap, Breakbeat, Techno, Electronica, Guitar, Fashion, Drums, Wedding, Sports, Synthwave, Festival, Party.
    • Tag: It includes relaxation, dance, house, workout, holiday, synth, electric, aerobics, EDM, video games, Gym, Romantic, Vocals, and Electro.

    Sound Effects

    The website offers an audio library that provides access to free sound clips that your students can go through in several multimedia projects in class. There are sound effects that are arranged into several categories including transition, animals, nature, humans, transport, instruments warfare, bubbles, games, movies, spells, cartoons, magic, pages, and more.

    Video Template

    It offers free video templates to use in your YouTube videos, presentations, or music clips. ‘Choose from transitions and templates in After Effects, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, and Davinci Resolve to enhance your video creations. Each template is customizable and easy to use in both business and personal projects.’


    There are many advantages of this website which it offers to its users therefore below we have written some of them:

    User-friendly Interface: The interface of this platform is designed in a way so that the website can be easily navigated by its users means it has a user-friendly interface, you can access its features or download anything without needing a third person.

    Download and access different Media Elements: This platform is not only designed to provide only a single media element, here you can download the movies, get video templates and sound effects for your videos, and artwork and you can get audio materials as well.

    Provides Unique Licensing for Every Asset: This platform gives a unique license to each asset that is available on it. So, that the users of this platform can understand how they can use them.


    There are some disadvantages of this platform and we have written some of them below:  

    Paid Images Stock: Though this platform provides several media elements for free yet it is lacking in providing free stock pictures which is a huge disadvantage of this platform.

    No Customer Support: The biggest disadvantage of this platform is that it doesn’t have a user support team and system. In case you have any problem then you can’t live chat with the support team , you cannot contact them via email. 

    Is it Free Or Paid?

    If we talk about the common query of every person for accessing any service whether is the service free or not, so about this platform the straightforward answer to this query is yes. Here on this platform, you can access various media elements for free such as audio tracks, sound effects, free stock footage, and video templates. You don’t have to even pay for registration on the platform. You can access every element just by having its licensing permissions.

    Is it Legal or not?

    Whenever a person uses a new platform then he or she is always concerned about its safety, security, and its legality. So if you use or want to use this website then you don’t have to be worried about the safety of your data and its legality. This website is completely safe and legal so you can explore it freely.


    Offering high-quality videos, captivating music tracks, evocative sound effects, and a veritable treasure trove of professional-grade video templates, Mixkit stands out as an invaluable resource for creators at all levels. The ease with which these assets can be browsed and downloaded simplifies the creative process, allowing seamless integration into projects ranging from educational presentations to social media splashes.

    Although attribution is not a requirement, it is a small gesture that acknowledges the creative efforts behind these resources. It’s Features a multitude of categories and a well-curated library.

    Mixkit not only serves as a toolbox for visual and auditory storytelling but also exemplifies how generosity in the digital domain leads to a more vibrant and collaborative community of content creators.

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