A totally new concept of digital engagement that you may find on the ultimate content creation platform- TikTok now widens its landscape to open vast opportunities. We expect not everyone might be familiar with this recharge concept and how it helps TikTok creators to enhance their visibility and audience scope. 

    TikTok Recharge- What is it exactly?

    As we all understand, the concept of digital engagement in this rapidly developing online world. Being a star of digital engagement, TikTok Recharge, simply put, works as coins the users can use to buy gifts for their favorite creators to promote their profile. By presenting creators with gifts with a reward, you will be able to grab their attention and interact with them. Platforms such as Twitch permit viewers to give a tip to their preferred streamers to let them show their appreciation. If you notice something fresh and innovative, you appreciate it momentarily and TikTok makes money from your pleasure.

    TikTok Recharge Coins Price List

    70 coins$0.74
    350 coins$3.7
    700 coins$7.8
    1400 coins$14.8
    3500 coins$37
    7000 coins$74
    17,500 coins$185
    TikTok Recharge Price List

    How to buy TikTok coins from App

    Check out these steps down here to buy coins using the app:

    1. Essentially, log in to your TikTok account which is an absolute first step to begin purchasing the recharge coins.
    2. Check the three-lined buttons that you can find in the right direction of your display device, then tap the button of Privacy and Settings.
    3. Choose Balance.
    4. The window that you can see right now on your display, you’ll be able to check the amount of money in your TikTok account and you get the option to exchange them for coins.
    5. In case, you wish to buy more, then tap the Coins button.
    6. Next, it is essential to mention the amount of coins you wish to purchase and then tap Buy.
    7. Then necessarily complete your payment details and you’ll get the TikTok coins in your account.

    How To Recharge TikTok Coins?

    You need to follow some simple steps to get the Recharge TikTok Coins:

    • To access the live streaming, you’ll need to tap on the user profile page.
    • Next, select the Gift icon that you can find at the down-right edge of your display.
    • Touch the Recharge icon and select the amount of TikTok Recharge coins you are looking to buy.
    • Then, search for the most suitable method to pay for the transaction and get the money instantly to your account successfully.
    • Based on the coin, it requires you to choose an appropriate gift to send by tapping it twice.

    Payment Methods Available For TikTok Coin Recharge

    TikTok accepts the following methods for its users to recharge:

    • Credit and debit cards
    • PayPal
    • Google Pay
    • Apple Pay
    • Mobile wallets
    • Prepaid cards

    Benefits of TikTok recharge

    Find out the top advantages that you can expect from TikTok Recharge down here:

    1. Get featured among the top gift recipients on their YouTube which could drive more exposure for your account.
    2. Next, as a user, you get to help your favorite creators immediately, and also with these coins, you can buy digital gift cards to give to the creators that you love the most.
    3. Another benefit of TikTok Coins Recharge is that you can give gifts to your creators and can help gain additional followers by following them back or promoting your profile.
    4. Also, you can surf through the most unique TikTok features including VIP badges, or interacting privately with creators through the platform messaging.
    5. Increase your profile visibility when you give a digital gift to a person who uses the app.
    6. In certain countries, users can make money by changing diamonds into cash which is one type of TikTok Recharge.

    Can I Get Tiktok Recharge Coins For Free?

    Since websites like TikTok implement a variety of procedures to protect users from fraud, we can say that you might not get TikTok Recharge coins without paying any amount. In most of the scams that we’ve reviewed, you might be required to check the channels of their scammers or to follow them for free coins, however, you pay for it in some way. Also, essentially we will suggest you not to give money to anyone regardless of what they portray themselves as. As we can see there are a lot of sites and applications that fake their users with a promise to provide free coin Recharge. But, you must check everything including the authenticity of these apps or websites before trusting them for money issues. 

    Another possibility is that you might lose your account details by providing your official TikTok login details on these sites and you might now always be fortunate enough to retrieve your account back. Moreover, like various other apps, there are chances that these scam apps might hack your IP address associated with your device. If someone can hack your account or perform actions that violate the standard of the community, there are chances that you might get banned by TikTok for your whole life.

    Another situation might be that the scam websites may ask you to download the information on your smartphone or computer which may include severe malware. So, we advise all our readers to be cautious while buying TikTok coins from any other website.

    Another situation might be that the scam websites may ask you to download the information on your smartphone or computer which may include severe malware. So, we advise all our readers to be cautious while buying TikTok Recharge from any other website.


    So, as we conclude, the benefits that we mentioned above are a wholesome reason why you must put your hands on Tiktok Recharge. Now, you get to know that this concept lets you buy in-app items and help your favorite creators at live events on TikTok. In this post, we’ve shown how you can purchase coins through the app and the steps you can use to recharge TikTok coins. Go through the complete information and purchasing steps to maximize your fun and engagement on TikTok.

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