The lovers of the American science fiction horror drama television series Stranger Things might be interested to know details about the son of Joyce Byers who is even the younger brother of Jonathan Byers- Will Byers. Being the most cherished acquaintance, he was taken by the Demogorgon and was later released in the year 1983 only to experience the negative consequences of forming a connection to The Mind Flayer. 

    Exploited by the creature, Will Byers became free after Eleven closed the gate, and the Mind Flayer was slain away from his body. Regaining some normality, Will suffers from further isolation due to the desire to relive his youth while his friends began to grow up. Despite the discomfort, he assisted his friends in stopping the Mind Flayer and after removing the Mind Flayer in Starcourt, the Byers were forced to relocate to California together with Eleven to protect her.

    The Profile Of Will Byers

    Full NameWilliam Jacob Byers
    OriginStranger Things
    Type of HeroSelfless Dimension Traveler
    GoalsEscape from the Upside Down.Get the Mind Flayer out of him.Stop the Mind Flayer and the Flayed.Save Eleven from Lt. Colonel Sullivan.Return to Hawkins and save his friends.Stop Vecna (ongoing).
    OccupationHawkins Middle AV Club MemberHawkins Middle School StudentMind Flayer’s Host (all formerly)Member of the PartyLenora Hills High School Student
    HobbyBeing with his friends.Reading X-Men Comics.Playing Dungeons & Dragons.
    Powers / SkillsIntelligence/EvasionExpert ArtisticMorse CodeGunmanshipPsychic Abilities:True SightNow MemoriesSuperhuman StrengthElectrical Manipulation (all formerly)Neck-Sense
    FamilyLonnie Byers (father)Joyce Byers (mother)Jonathan Byers (older brother)Eleven (adoptive sister)Darlene (great aunt)Chester † (pet dog)
    Friends / AlliesMike Wheeler (best friend and love interest)Lucas Sinclair (best friend)Dustin Henderson (best friend)Eleven (close friend)Jonathan ByersJoyce ByersJim HopperNancy WheelerMax MayfieldBob Newby † (father figure)Steve HarringtonRobin BuckleyErica SinclairMurray BaumanScott ClarkeArgyleSuzie BinghamAgent Harmon †Agent Wallace
    EnemiesVecna (archenemy)Demogorgon †Troy WalshThe Mind FlayerJames DanteDemodogsBilly Hargrove †Hospital Creature †The FlayedAngelaJakeLt. Colonel Sullivan

    Early Life

    When the character first opened his eyes on March 22 1971, as the son of Joyce Byers and Lonnie Byers, at his birth, his mother cried tears of joy. His father Lonnie was a bit irritated as his son grew older since he believed the son he had second-born was weak and often called the boy gay and an alcoholic. However, Will Byers was close with his brother and mother who acted as an influencer to Will. In the wake of the divorce of his parents, Will and Jonathan built the Castle Byers fort, despite their illness due to the rain. His friends group played Dungeons & Dragons at the Wheeler residence, and Mike’s sister Nancy played them also.

    Season One

    Following a game of Dungeons and Dragons with his buddies, Will Byers returned home and discovered a strange creature cycling. After returning home, when he found no one around, he rushed to the shed, where he armed himself with a gun, however the creature used its power to enslave Will into The Upside Down. When he woke, Will Byers attempted to find his brother and mother; however, he soon realized there was no real world and was compelled to escape the creature. He was able to communicate using electrical devices and tried to call his mother who lived in the household.

    Season Two

    Will Byers along with his classmates were also introduced to their new classmates Max Mayfield, who considered them creeps when they began following her. At Halloween, Will admitted to Mike about his visions, but Mike told him not to tell anyone about it. On the next morning, Dustin reveals a creature that he discovered to the rest of the group. Will Byers decides to inform his acquaintances about his visions and they discover that he sees the space of the dimension. In the search for the creature known as Dustin, he is terrified as it screams and has a second vision in which the Mind Flayer is possessed by him.

    Season Four

    In Lenora Hills, Will Byers is not talking, however Eleven is aware that he’s behaving strangely, believing there’s a relationship between him and the unidentified person. In the high school level, Will stays by Eleven’s side as she’s victimized by her students Angela, Jake and their friends.

    Season Three

    Even though he was back to normal along with friends and family, Will was feeling distant because of the other growing older, and he lost a portion of it. As he dealt with the issue, Will started to feel an identical sensation as if it became apparent that he was in contact with the Mind Flayer and realized that the creature was back in some way. Informing the group of this, they discover that the Mind Flayer has discovered a new host, that they believe could be Max’s brother Billy. 

    Powers and Abilities

    Mentioned below are the top abilities and powers that the character possess in the drama:


    In the course of being saved by The Mind Flayer, Will Byers could detect the presence of the monster even after being ejected from him. Typically felt by him a weird sensation around the neck’s back at times when the monster was present or near, he described the feeling as if he were in the middle of a rollercoaster ride, only significantly colder and more frightening. 

    Will Byers could utilize his ability to identify that disintegrated Mind Flayer with his brand new appearance. In 1986, after his return to Hawkins this ability was immediately activated, he tells Mike that, now that he’s back at Hawkins and can sense Vecna and physical pain and comprehend his plans to destroy the entire human race. This also suggests that there’s some distance to Will’s abilities.

    Expert Artist:

    Will Byers drawings were extremely intricate and amazing, particularly when you consider his age. Will could describe complex incidents (which were not able to be explained verbally) by drawing them. When Will Byers was frightened by the monster of shadows His drawing abilities were utilized to inform Joyce as well as Hopper about the developing tunnel system beneath Hawkins and also to pinpoint Hopper’s position when stuck within the tunnels.


    As his brother has pointed out, Will is talented at concealing. It is possible that this is the reason he was able to stay on The Upside Down for so long.


    As seen in “The Vanishing of Will Byers“, Will appeared to be able to load and operate guns, a skill that he probably was taught by his father. The extent of his proficiency with it is not clear.

    Morse Code:

    Will was a master of Morse codes, which is demonstrated in “The Mind Flayer” where Will managed to expose the weaknesses of the Mind Flayer.


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